Vanadium Alloy Price Remains Stable With Reduced Terminal Procurement Up to now, FeV manufacturers still do not resume production much, but the spot market is not tight. The shippers report that there are few inquiries in recent days. The spot price is 106000-107000 yuan / ton by cash, and the actual transaction price is 105000 yuan / ton by cash, and the price of FeV for electric furnace is about 2000 yuan / ton. Recently, the active quotation and shipment of vanadium nitrogen alloy have increased, and the general quotation is 156000-157000 yuan / ton by cash, There are not many manufacturers in stock. The steel price is between 156000-157000 yuan / ton by cash. The purchase price is about 152000 yuan / ton.

Due to the fact that the actual transaction is light and the price rise is weak, the price of vanadium alloy has been stable recently. This week, some steel mills began to purchase the consumption in March. At present, many steel mills are in the process of reducing production and inventory, which are relatively resistant to high price raw materials. The terminal demand is estimated to be weak before the resumption of the whole domestic market, so it is difficult for vanadium alloy price to rise again.