Vanadium Alloy Purchase Volume Of Steel Plant In Q1 2020 According to the incomplete statistics of ferroalloynet, the purchase volume of vanadium alloy in the first quarter of 2020 is as follows. From the perspective of the purchase volume of vanadium nitrogen alloy, the purchase volume was significantly reduced due to the comprehensive outbreak of domestic epidemic in February, the high storage pressure of steel products, the weak demand of steel mills. In March, with the improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, the construction industry gradually returned to work, and the demand for vanadium alloy in the steel plant increased slightly. It is expected that the purchase volume in April will make steady progress on the basis of March.

Date VN Alloy(ton) FeV50(ton) FeV80(ton) FeV Nitride(ton)
Jan 4200 2000 800 300
Feb 2600 1100 450 200
Mar 3300 1400 500 150