Vanadium Alloys Are Slightly Pressured, And The Raw Material End Is Temporarily Stable From the current market supply and demand point of view, the spot market of vanadium alloy end is active, there are many quotations and shipments, corresponding to the weak demand, the price is still under pressure. However, due to the increase of inquiry on V2O5 flake and good consumption of bulk goods, and the price reference of large factories, the market began to be stable, and the price has not continued to decline since last Friday. In the short term, the rapid pull-up in early June caused the market to be unstable, and rational callback is normal when the demand is weak. However, the quotation of large V2O5 flake factories rose a step in the early stage, and raw material price and alloy cost have a reference. It is expected that the price of alloys will not slide much in the later market.
In the early stage, some of the traders who had stocked V2O5 flakes finished their sales in the high price period and the early stage of price falling. The volume of V2O5 flakes of the traders mainly in Chongyang area was low, while the bulk goods quoted and shipped in the market also decreased a lot. The market price was temporarily stable around 105,000-106,000 Yuan/ton, and alloy manufacturers intended to purchase V2O5 flakes with 105,000 Yuan/ton, but they could not find the spot goods, while the quotation of spot goods and short-term futures goods is mainly at 106,000 Yuan/ton, and the spot price of Liaoning Hongjing is 107,000 Yuan/ton. The V2O5 flake market is expected to be stable in the short term.
Although the manufacturers have a strong attitude to avoid cost hanging upside down, the gradual reduction of bulk market quotation still has a negative impact on the market. According to our understanding, the price of FeV50A in bulk market is 106,000 Yuan/ton in cash, and the price of FeV50B is 104,000-105,000 Yuan/ton in cash, and the bidding price of steel plant is about 104,000 Yuan/ton in cash. As a whole, the later market is expected to have a small downward space.
Yesterday, the bidding price of Guangxi Shenglong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was 158,000 Yuan/ton in cash. Compared with the bidding price of ZENITH, the price difference was not large. The overall downward trend of VN alloy slowed down. The main reason is the support of manufacturers and cost support. As for the current market price of V2O5 flake, if the price of VN alloy is lower than 159,000 Yuan/ton, it means that the cost is hanging upside down. The manufacturers firmly support the market. After the bulk goods are consumed, the risk of price falling can be reduced.