Vanadium And Titanium Alliance Organizes And Holds The 2020 Annual Collaborative Project Review Meeting On 8 August, the secretariat of Vanadium and Titanium Alliance organized and held the 2020 collaborative project review (video) meeting in Chengdu Institute of Materials, According to the 11 technical requirements released by vanadium and titanium Alliance platform, the meeting organized experts to review 34 project applications from 17 research institutes and enterprises, including Tsinghua University, Central South University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Northeastern University, etc.
According to the application properties of the project, four professional review groups were set up, including vanadium + vanadium and titanium ore mining, vanadium titanium steel (direction of metal material), vanadium titanium steel (direction of welding) and environmental protection (direction of resource utilization). Twenty-three well-known experts from process Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, General Institute of Iron and Steel Research, Tsinghua University, Changsha Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Hegang Chenggang, Pangang Group and other member units as well as physics and Chemistry Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Steel Group, Chengdu University of Technology and other units were invited to conduct a fair, open and impartial professional evaluation.
The 4 professional review meeting at the same time, the notifier and 34 project team according to the agenda into the sequence of tencent video conference room, and from the project proposals, technical route, research contents, goals, innovative, schedule, research foundation, cost budget and the industrialization prospect and so on are introduce. The evaluation experts carefully reviewed the project, questioned and exchanged the key issues of the project, such as the breakthrough of generic technology and the transformation of achievements, independently scored each project approval application materials, and formed the comprehensive evaluation opinions of the application materials of 11 technology demand projects after full discussion.
The smooth holding of the meeting demonstrated the strong cohesion and influence of vanadium and titanium alliance, as well as the high collaborative project management ability and level, which is conducive to accelerating the establishment of a long-term cooperation mechanism for industry, university, research and application, promoting the joint construction and sharing of innovative resources and project collaboration, and accelerating the breakthrough of key common technologies and the transformation of achievements in vanadium and titanium industry