Vanadium Annual Data And Report In 2020 In 2020, the whole vanadium market rose first and then restrain, and the overall trend was weak. From January to the middle of February: before the Spring Festival, the steel plants were actively preparing goods, and then the inquiry of vanadium market increased, and the price rose slightly; from the middle of February: due to the COVID-19 epidemic, market closed during Spring Festival holiday; from March to April: the logistics gradually recovered, and the vanadium plants gradually resumed production, but under the pressure of high inventory of steel plants, the demand was weak, therefore, the vanadium market was weak, and the production enthusiasm of manufacturers was not high; from early June to October: import resources increased greatly, export decreased, domestic production capacity increased, supply of vanadium products exceeded demand, and vanadium price decreased; from November to mid December: the vanadium price was low, the procurement of steel plants increased, and the traders build their stocks at a low price and didn’t sell the goods, and the manufacturers were reluctant to sell, and then the vanadium price stopped falling and rebounded; in late December, with the increase of traders’ sales, the supply of vanadium products exceeded the demand, thus the price fell back gradually.

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Vanadium Annual Report in 2020