Vanadium Bulk Market Is Active With Slightly Loose Price Since the beginning of this week, the manufacturer’s quotation has not been discussed yet, and the vanadium alloy manufacturers received more orders from last month to the first ten days of this month. At present, the manufacturers mainly produce for their signed orders, so the bulk market is more active. And many sources of goods have been signed by the manufacturers to the traders. Therefore, in recent days, the traders have put the spot goods on the market for operation, and actively sell at a high price.
At the beginning of this week, the quotation and delivery of V2O5 flake in bulk market are still positive. The large manufacturers have not signed the orders yet. The downstream VN alloy manufacturers mainly wait and see. On the one hand, the bulk supply is sufficient, so the downstream manufacturers are not worry about purchasing. On the other hand, they need to wait for the exact information from the large V2O5 flake manufacturers. The current quotation of V2O5 flake in bulk market is about 107,000 Yuan/ton in cash, while the acceptable price of manufacturers is reduced to 105,000-106,000 Yuan/ton. Some factories urgently need raw materials moderately purchase, and the bulk market price will show a trend close to that of large factories in the short term.
Since this week, most of the ferrovanadium manufacturers have not made a quotation. Some of them continue to make a quotation of about 110,000 Yuan/ton. Some manufacturers are still making orders. However, in the bulk market, the price concession is fast. The low price is 107,000 Yuan/ton, and the high price is about 109,000 Yuan/ton. Without urgent demand, the buyers are mainly waiting. The manufacturers are firm or able to maintain orders from some old customers.
At present, the quotation of VN alloy in the spot market is about 166,000 Yuan/ton in cash, the quotation of short-term futures goods is about 165,000 Yuan/ton, and the firm quotation of some manufacturers is about 168,000 Yuan/ton. Traders are active in selling and the sales orders signed by some traders in the early stage have not reached the delivery date, and they are also sold out in the form of futures. At present, the price of VN alloy is still profitable based on the conversion cost of large V2O5 flake manufacturers. Manufacturers are hesitant to purchase bulk V2O5 flake and wait for further price reduction.
On the whole, in the weak market stage of vanadium market, bulk goods are mostly traded, and the uncontrollability of price trend is enhanced. As a result, the market mentality is full of doubts due to no shipments from large V2O5 flake plants, while alloy manufacturers are not eager to inquire with the increase of bulk materials, and the market will fall into a negative cycle in the short term, or will still slow down.