Vanadium Consumption Analysis in April 2020 According to the incomplete statistics of ferroalloynet, in April 2020, the output of vanadium pentoxide in the vanadium market was about 8860 tons, including 8240 tons of V2O5 flake, 620 tons of V2O5 powder, 3325 tons of ferrovanadium and 4350 tons of vanadium nitrogen alloy.

Serial number Product Conversion rate Output Converted output
1 V2O5 powder →VN 1:1/1.42



2 V2O5 flake→VN 1:1/1.42



3 V2O5 flake→Ferrovanadium 1:1



4 FeV50→V2O5 flake 1:1



5 FeV80→V2O5 flake 1.6:1



6 VN→V2O5 flake 1:1.416



According to the figure, the output of FEV is 3325 tons. Among them, FEV80 is about 780 tons, and the total consumption of V2O5 flake should be about 3604 tons. The conversion of 4350 tons of VN alloy to V2O5 is about 6160 tons. The consumption of vanadium by ferrovanadium and vanadium nitrogen alloy is about 9764 tons. In April, the export volume of the international market was estimated to be about 300 tons, with long orders added. The arrival volume of imported vanadium, ferrovanadium and vanadium nitrogen alloy in April is estimated to be about 600 tons. The total market consumption is about 10064 tons, and the calculated market gap is about 604 tons. Due to the incompleteness of statistics, and the direct supply of raw materials from some small plants of ammonium polyvanadate and ammonium metavanadate to the plants of ferrovanadium and vanadium nitrogen, the supply and demand of the upstream and downstream of vanadium market are basically in balance.