Vanadium Consumption Analysis In Dec 2020 According to the incomplete statistics, the output of vanadium pentoxide in December is about 11,261 tons, including 10,400 tons of V2O5 flake and 861 tons of V2O5 powder; The production of ferrovanadium and VN alloy are 3600 tons and 5504 tons, respectively.

Serial number Product Conversion rate Output Converted output
1 FeV50→V2O5 flake


2670 2536.5
2 FeV80→V2O5 flake


930 1413.6
3 VN→V2O5 flake


5504 7793.7

According to the figure, the output of ferrovanadium50 is 2670 tons, and output of ferrovanadium80 is about 930 tons, which are converted into V2O5 flake consumption should be around 3950 tons. The conversion of 5504 tons VN alloy into V2O5 flake is about 7793.7 tons. The consumption of ferrovanadium and VN alloy into V2O5 flake is about 11744 tons. Suppose the exporting volume in December is around 800 tons(converted into V2O5), and the arrival volume of imported V2O5 flake, ferrovanadium and VN alloys in December is around 1000 tons(converted into V2O5), then the total market supply is about 12261 tons of vanadium pentoxide, and the total consumption is about 12544 tons. Among which, the total supply has not included the domestic ammonium metavanadate production and imports, therefore, the overall supply of vanadium products is relatively sufficient in December, and the price jumped in the last ten days. There was no lack of speculation in the market. The vanadium price fell slightly at the end of the month, and the market is in a stalemate and tends to be weak.