Vanadium Consumption Analysis In July 2020 According to the incomplete statistics of FerroAlloyNet, in July 2020, the output of vanadium pentoxide was about 10576 tons, including 9935 tons of V2O5 flake and 641 tons of V2O5 powder; the output of ferrovanadium was 3290 tons, and the output of VN alloy was 5539 tons.

Serial number Product Conversion rate Output Converted output
1 FeV50→V2O5 flake




2 FeV80→V2O5 flake




3 VN→V2O5 flake




According to the calculation in the figure, the output of ferrovanadium was 3290 tons, of which ferrovanadium80 was about 960 tons. The total consumption of V2O5 flake should be about 3673 tons. The conversion of 5539 tons of VN alloy into V2O5 was about 7843 tons, and the total consumption of vanadium pentoxide by ferrovanadium and VN alloy was about 11516 tons. In July, part of the export order in the international market, together with the long-term agreement order, it is expected to be about 250 tons. The arrival volume of imported V2O5 flake, ferrovanadium and VN alloys in July is expected to be about 800 tons(converted into V2O5), and the total market consumption was about 11766 tons. The gap between supply and demand was about 390 tons, which does not include the supplementary amount of ammonium metavanadate flowing to metallurgical industry. In July, the output of ammonium metavanadate was 880 tons, and it is difficult to accurately calculate the quantity of ammonium metavanadate directly flowed to the metallurgical direction for the time being. The import volume of ammonium metavanadium was no less than 200 tons, in addition, ammonium metavanadate was collected by domestic alloy plants, it can be seen that domestic supply is large and the demand is basically saturated. If the raw material is increased, the balance can be easily broken and it is easy to lead to a situation in which supply exceeds demand.