Vanadium Consumption Analysis In March 2021 to the incomplete statistics of this network, in March,  production of vanadium pentoxide is about 10,461 tons in market, including V205 flake of 9,660 tons, V2O5 powder of 801 tons; The output of ferrovanadium was 3,380 tons, and the output of VN alloy was 6,015 tons.

Product Conversion rate Output(Ton) Converted consumption
FeV50→V2O5 flake




FeV80→V2O5 flake




VN→V2O5 flake




According to the figure, the output of ferrovanadium50 is 2,610 tons, and the output of ferrovanadium80 is about 770 tons, which are converted into V2O5 flake consumption should be around 5137.6 tons. The consumption of V2O5 flake for 8517.2 tons of VN alloy is about 6015 tons. So the total V2O5 flake consumption for ferrovanadium and VN alloy production is about 13654.8 tons(convert into V2O5 flake). Suppose that the exporting volume in March is around 700 tons(convert into V2O5 flake) and the arrivals amount of imported V2O5 flake, ferrovanadium50 and ferrovanadium80 in January is about 200 tons(convert into V2O5 flake). In conclusion, the total market supply of V2O5 is about 10661 tons which does not include the domestic production and imported volume of ammonium metavanadate, and the total consumption is about14354.8 tons, so the overall supply and demand of vanadium products in March is relatively tight and the price is mainly up stablely.