Vanadium Demand For Energy Storage May Expand By 90% By 2025 According to Chinese 14th Five-Year Plan, China will build a total construction scale of 23.185 million kW in new energy allocation by 2025 which includes 400 400MWh Vanadium flow energy storage industry chain in Shuozhou. Right now the biggest demand for vanadium is used for the production of steel and only 5% vanadium is used on energy storage. But it is forecasted that the demand for vanadium on energy storage is going to expand by 90% by 2025. That’s because it solves problems that the lithium-ion and cobalt batteries used in electric vehicles and small storage plants can’t handle.

As we know vanadium forms the core of giant batteries that store energy created by solar, and wind power. Most investors are aware that minerals, such lithium, are used at the core of batteries. But the lithium boom is over. Investors are on the wrong road if they’re looking for major gains from lithium and cobalt stocks. Because lithium is so plentiful the days of massive profits on it are long gone. That’s why investors with a taste for commodities need to shift focus to vanadium. The Flow battery is a cutting-edge design for energy storage. But it’s well beyond theory. That’s why this is the perfect moment to invest in companies that supply the one thing it must have to succeed – vanadium. Flow batteries are already proving their worth on remote islands, in harsh deserts, in frozen subarctic outposts, and near busy, industrial urban centers. Research & Markets predicts flow batteries will be a billion-dollar industry by 2023 and it is expanding 32.7% a year now. There’s nothing else like it going on in alt fuels today.