Vanadium Enterprises Confidence Has Doubled Due to The Stability of Large Factories’ Offer Yesterday, the three leading domestic vanadium enterprises unified external offer was CNY 170,000/t by acceptance. The offer of 50# ferrovanadium of Panzhihua Steel was CNY 180,000/t by acceptance, while that of vanadium-nitrogen alloy was CNY 260,000/t. After the domestic vanadium enterprises saw the quotation of the manufacturer, their confidence gradually increased, and they were reluctant to sell goods, therefore, the offer rose slightly. As a whole, the current offer of vanadium pentoxide flake from lager factories is no different from the current retailing transaction price of CNY 165,000/t. The steel bidding price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy was CNY 240,000/t, while that of 50# ferrovanadium was CNY 180,000/t, and the offer of vanadium-nitrogen alloy of Panzhihua Steel was slightly higher.

After the recent sales of vanadium alloy, vanadium stock pressure gradually reduced, in addititon to clear offer of lager factories, vanadium market may gradually stop falling and stabilize in the near future. However, whether the steel demand can be relatively stable or gradually better, also need to continue to pay attention to the market.