Vanadium Enterprises Continue To Wait And See Market Transactions Recently, the domestic vanadium market is in a stalemate and weak situation. The actual transactions in the market are general, and there are still many people who keep a wait-and-see attitude. After the pricing of large factories, the quotation of individual factories increased, and the downstream manufacturers began to be hesitant and cautious in purchasing raw materials.
Today, the mainstream transaction price of V2O5 flake is 93000-94000 yuan / ton by cash. However, it is difficult to purchase with 93000 yuan / ton by cash since the large factories priced last week. At present, the mainstream quotation of V2O5 flake retail investors is 94000-95000 yuan / ton, and there are not many quotations. Downstream manufacturers are not willing to purchase V2O5 flake at 94000 yuan / ton, and most manufacturers purchase a small amount of V2O5 flakes based on their orders, paying close attention to the signing of V2O5 flake by large factories in recent two days. The recent price of ammonium metavanadate has little change, and the current mainstream transaction price is 88000-91000 yuan / ton by cash.
At the beginning of the week, according to feedback from downstream manufacturers, VN alloy transactions were slightly active. The mainstream transaction price in the market is 144000-145000 yuan / ton by cash, and manufacturers don’t sell at low price. At present, the bidding of steel plant has come to an end. At the beginning of the month, the main bidding price of steel plant is 146000-147000 yuan / ton. In the middle of the month, there are not many tenders from steel plants, and they are mainly focusing on the actual transaction situation in the market. Downstream manufacturers said that the  pressure of purchasing V2O5 flake is large, and the risk of cost upside down is high. The market quotation of ferrovanadium is stable, the demand is weak, and the transaction is less. The mainstream quotation is 98000-101000 yuan / ton by cash, the manufacturer’s enthusiasm for shipping and purchasing is not high, and the trader’s operation is less.
At present, the overall demand of vanadium market is general, and the enterprises pay more attention to the signing of orders after the pricing of large factories. It is expected that the vanadium market will continue to be weak, and the fluctuation is expected to be small.