Vanadium Enterprises Offer Rarely After Holidays And Wait To See The Deal During the New Year’s Day holiday, the market was closed for a short time. After the holiday, most of the manufacturers said that there were few transactions before the holiday and the market was unstable, so it was difficult to quote. It was better to wait and see the bidding situation of VN alloy. Some manufacturers maintain the pre Festival quotation of 146000-148000 yuan / ton for VN alloy and 99000-100000 yuan / ton for FeV50. On the whole, the inquiry activity in the downstream of vanadium market is not high, and the intended purchasing price of some traders is on the low side. The manufacturers say that the production cost is upside down and they will not sell for the time being.
In terms of V2O5 flake market, large manufacturers are expected to adjust their prices this week, while there are not many quotations from retail investors, mainly in cash of 94000-95000 yuan / ton. The transaction of vanadium alloy is difficult, thus the alloy factories slow down the procurement of V2O5 flake naturally and they are relatively cautious to operate based on the orders. The market of ammonium metavanadate is relatively quiet, and there are few manufacturers in production, and they are mainly waiting to see the market situation at the beginning of the week.