Vanadium Inquiries Slightly Increased the vanadium market in last week, the overall market atmosphere was warm near the end of the week, with a slight increase in raw materials and alloy inquiries, a small increase in spot prices of upstream and downstream market vanadium products, a small rise of low quotation and transaction price. This atmosphere will gradually continue to this week. It is expected that the vanadium market will be mainly strong in the short term, and compared with the early stage, the unified market atmosphere is more conducive to price stability.

Compared with last week, there is no V2O5 flake at 105000 yuan / ton or AMV at 98000 yuan / ton in the market. The price accepted by downstream manufacturers for Metallurgical Grade 98% ammonium metavanadate has been at 99000 yuan / ton, while that of chemical grade is about 100000 yuan / ton. The intention price of manufacturers to purchase V2O5 flake is 105500 yuan / ton, and the spot price in the market is 106000-107000 yuan / ton. But there is no transaction price higher than 106000 yuan / ton for the time being. It is expected that the price of raw materials will not rise much this week.

At present, it is difficult to purchase the spot goods at the cash price of 103000 yuan / ton in the ferrovanadium market. The low price of the market quotation is 104000 yuan / ton by cash, and most of the spot quotations are between 105000-106000 yuan / ton. The manufacturers are optimistic about the future market and are ready to resume production. It is expected that the ferrovanadium market will have a small firm space this week.

Since the price of VN alloy increased slightly last week, the market price is still fluctuating in the range at the beginning of this week. A small number of low-cost goods in the market are traded at the cash price of 164000 yuan / ton. Traders are also more active in purchasing at this price. The manufacturers’ export prices are between 165000-166000 yuan / ton by cash. This week, the  steel bidding volume is not large, but traders are ready to stock up. Therefore the steel mills are ready to purchase at the end of the month. The VN alloy market is expected to be stable this week.