Vanadium Market Changed From Up To Down This Week Up to today, the price of vanadium market has declined obviously. Bulk shipments have increased in the market. Manufacturers intend to sign more advance orders. The spot price has dropped another step compared with the previous day. However, it is not expected that the downward correction of the market will be significant. The pricing of large V2O5 flake plants is the cost support. It is expected that the market will have an opportunity to improve after the weak period in the middle of the month.
At present, the volume of V2O5 flake shipments in the bulk market has increased, and the low-level quotation is about 108,000 Yuan/ton. However, the ferrovanadium and VN alloy manufacturers are reluctant to purchase due to fear of falling. The trading activities are mainly in Hunan and Hubei, and only some of the manufacturers who have signed new futures orders are willing to purchase a small amount of raw materials. Affected by the price callback of V2O5 flakes, the prices of ammonium metavanadate and ammonium polyvanadate for metallurgical industry have also slightly dropped to 103,000 Yuan/ton. Some manufacturers are eager to sign futures orders.
With the weakening of vanadium market atmosphere, the volume of transactions in the ferrovanadium market is decreasing, but it is difficult for ferrovanadium manufacturers with low profits to make further concessions in the short term. The spot price in the bulk market is about 108,000 Yuan/ton, and the overall market is dominated by wait-and-see. Under the influence of the weakness of raw materials and the weak demand of itself, the price of ferrovanadium may also decline slightly in the later market.
In a weak atmosphere, the shipments of VN alloy has also increased significantly. The low price of bulk goods is about 167,000-168,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax, while the price of manufacturers is relatively firm at 170,000 Yuan/ton. The price gap in the bidding of steel plants is large, but it is difficult for most retail investors and manufacturers to refer to the high price when they sell the spot goods. The actual transaction price is about 167,000-168,000 Yuan/ton, with a small number of transactions and some low price selling phenomena.