Vanadium Market Continues To Be Weak As the end market situation is difficult to improve, vanadium alloy continues to suffer from insufficient demand. According to the manufacturer’s report, FEV and VN alloy inquiries are few in recent days, but most of the manufacturers are willing to hold a firm price to avoid loss, but the low price spot goods are also easy to bring negative factors to the market. While the manufacturers and steel mills are in a stalemate situation, the traders offer low prices for shipment, and the future market pressure for the vanadium alloy factory will exist for a long time. At present, the quotation of V2O5 flake in bulk market is around 93000 yuan / ton, some of which are traded at 92500 yuan / ton. Alloy factory’s intention purchase price is 92000 yuan / ton according to cost calculation, which is temporarily difficult to deal with. The quotation of bulk products in ferrovanadium market is about 97000 yuan / ton, and the low quotation of manufacturers in Jinzhou area is about 98000 yuan / ton. Most of the manufacturers still deal with 98000-99000 yuan / ton for old customers. At present, vanadium nitrogen alloy is mainly sold to old customers. The price quoted by the manufacturers is 142000-143000 yuan/ton by cash, and the purchase price is directly reduced to below 140000 yuan/ton. Due to the unsalable vanadium alloy to some extent, the vanadium nitrogen alloy inventory is increasing the pressure of some manufacturers.