www.ferroalloynet.com: As the rising atmosphere of the vanadium market becomes stronger, both upstream and downstream products in the vanadium market have signs of inventory and high prices. Although there are many inquiries for purchases at present, buyers are less willing to accept excessively high prices. Therefore, the market turnover is slightly insufficient, and the jump increase in spot quotations is not conducive to the current market steadily rising, increasing the risk of the later market.

1. Bulk cargo quotes are high and market transactions are light.

According to our website, in the past two days, the quotations in the market have been relatively high, and there is a large deviation from the actual acceptance price and actual transaction of alloy manufacturers. According to the news, some bulk goods are quoted at a high price of 112,000 yuan/ton, making it difficult for manufacturers to purchase raw materials at this price. At present, V2O5 flake bulk cargo holders are still mainly bullish, and they are reluctant to ship. Some traders plan to start shipping at the price of more than 110,000 yuan/ton, vanadium nitrogen manufacturers accept the cash price at 106,000-107,000 yuan/ton, and some high price inquiries are not higher than 110,000 yuan/ton.

2. Ferrovanadium market has few spot operations, being stable operation.

Because the price increase of ferrovanadium is mainly driven by cost factors, traders have less space for operation, which makes that there are not many capital entry operations. Market quotations, transaction prices, and profit margins relatively stable, market transactions remain normal, and high-priced raw material ferrovanadium manufacturers are also reluctant to purchase. It is expected that the price will remain stable in the short term.

3. Bulk cargo quotes up to 170,000 yuan/ton, actual transaction lags behind.

In the past two days, the quotation and shipment of vanadium nitrogen alloy market have decreased, and it is not easy for buyers to purchase spot, but the tight circulation of the spot does not mean that the spot inventory is low. Traders and some manufacturers have a certain amount of inventory, and the willingness to ship is low under the continuous increase in quotations. However, the buyer currently accepts the price of only 165,000-166,000 yuan / ton cash price, part of the transaction 167,000-168,000 cash price is already high, and the spot price is as high as 175,000 yuan / ton, so the actual transaction price and the quotation opened a gap. The market has a strong atmosphere, but it is slightly separated from the transaction.