www.ferroalloynet.com: With the rise of vanadium market since last week, and the tender price of steel plants is sparse. Some steel plants lose the tender, the vanadium market tends to be calm at the end of last week. Today, market is also temporarily on the sidelines. The spot price of the market basically maintains the price of last week, the actual transaction volume of alloy is reduced. The alloy plants hesitate to purchase high-priced raw materials carefully, and the market gradually fades the heat of continuous rise. It is expected that vanadium market will be in a stable state, and the market will pay high attention to the new round of pricing of large raw material factories.
This week, the quotation for a small amount of V2O5 flake in the retail market maintained the cash price of 111,000-112,000 Yuan/ton. There were some deals at this price, but only a small amount of VN plants accepted high price raw materials. Most VN alloy plants only accepted the highest price of 110,000 Yuan/ton, while ferrovanadium alloy plants were not willing to purchase V2O5 flake with the price of higher than 110,000 Yuan/ton. According to the conversion of cash price, the cost of ferrovanadium manufacturers are now slightly hanging upside down. Three large V2O5 flake factories will set a new round of quotation around tomorrow, which will have a great impact on the future market.
This week, the quotation of FeV manufacturers maintained at 110,000-112,000 Yuan/ton, but the actual transaction price in the market was about 108,000-109,000 Yuan/ton in cash. Due to the lack of open bidding of FeV, so the market lacks of reference for quotation, most of the manufacturers’ quotations were based on the market price of V2O5 flake, but there were not many downstream inquiries, and the accepted price was basically no more than 110,000 Yuan/ton. It is expected that the future market will be stuck oriented.
Since this week, the spot price of VN alloy market has been maintained at 170,000 Yuan/ton, and the futures price is slightly lower at about 169,000 Yuan/ton. However, due to the cautious purchasers and the decrease of actual transactions in the market, the bidding price of Kunming Steel is 170,000 Yuan/ton. After a long negotiation last week, Shaoguan Steel Co., Ltd. finally released the bid again. In terms of bidding this week, it is expected that Benxi Steel, Shaoguan Steel and Echeng Steel will set the bidding prices, and the quotation of VN alloy manufacturers will refer to the raw material price set by the large V2O5 flake plants.