www.ferroalloynet.com:In recent days, the vanadium market has maintained a stable situation, which has stalemate supply and demand. There are a few transactions in the market, while the manufacturers actively support the market. The market is stable and the support is relatively sufficient, but the rise is temporarily weak. Therefore, it is predicted that the vanadium market will remain weak and stable before the bidding in end-July.

In the aspect of V2O5 flake, the low transaction price is at 105500 yuan / ton in the market , while there is a few transactions at the high price of 106000 yuan / ton, and some transactions are at the price of 105500-105700 yuan / ton, with little fluctuation. The large factories normally signed orders, and there is no shortage of raw materials by downstream manufacturers. The spot  price of 106000 yuan / ton by cash is difficult to conclude a transaction. It is expected that the V2O5 flake market will be stable for a period of time .

The ferrovanadium price did not form a rising momentum after a small increase. There are still spot quotations of 104000-105000 yuan / ton in the market. Although compared with the increase in last week’s inquiry, the spot is sufficient in the market. Therefore the spot holders have no great expectation on the price rise. Thus, they will not hoard goods, and the quotation is mainly to promote the transaction. Generally speaking, ferrovanadium market still needs to boost the demand to drive the price rise.

The low transaction price of VN alloy in the market is about 164500-165000 yuan / ton by cash, and this quotation is not large. The spot quotation of manufacturers is still around 166000-168000 yuan / ton, and the steel bidding price is remaining at 168500-169000 yuan / ton by acceptance, without a breakthrough. From raw materials to alloy, the market supply and demand are basically in a stalemate, and the later market is stable.