Vanadium Market Is Expected To Be Stable In The Short Term In the middle of the month, there are few steel tenders, and the vanadium market trading is slack. It’s difficult to make deals at high prices, and the price difference between the market price and the quotation has been widened. At present, the quotation of V-N alloy manufacturers is still CNY 153,000-160,000/t by cash, with a price difference of CNY 7,000/t. However, there are few purchases at present, the purchase price is only CNY 151,000-152,000/t. At present, the wait-and-see mood in vanadium market is getting stronger, and the willingness to store goods is decreasing. Traders mainly take back-to-back operation. In the aspect of V2O5 flake, it is also difficult to deal with bulk products with a price higher than CNY 98,000/t, and the alloy factories have low willingness to purchase bulk goods without price advantage.

Approaching to the end of month, whether the steel bidding price of vanadium can remain firm has become the focus of the market. Judging from the market supply and demand, we predict that the future vanadium market mainly seeks to stable in the short term, and it’s hard to increase the price.