Vanadium Market Is Expected To Remain Stable And Strong This Week Last week, the domestic vanadium market rose slightly, the price continued to raise due to the shortage of raw materials, and the price of VN alloy purchased by mainstream steel plants made a small breakthrough. At the beginning of this week, the market operators are still optimistic about the future market. This week, the purchasing volume of steel mills will increase according to previous records, and the raw materials in bulk market continued to be tight. This week, it is expected that vanadium market will still have a little room for improvement at the existing price.

The mainstream price of V2O5 flake continues to move up slightly
Up to now, except large factories, the main transaction price of other sources of V2O5 flake is 97,500 Yuan/ton, which is the high price of last week’s transaction. There are more shipments in Southwest China. There are still many inquiries at this price from VN alloy manufacturers, and the price of bulk goods is more than 98,000 Yuan/ton. This week, the transaction prices of metallurgical grade ammonium metavanadate and ammonium polyvanadate will continue to be strong. At present, the market transaction prices are mainly 82,000-83,000 Yuan/ton without tax and 93,000 Yuan/ton with tax. The transaction prices of chemical grade ammonium metavanadate are 95,000-96,000 Yuan/ton in cash. The transaction prices of chemical grade V2O5 powders 98%-99.5% are not fluctuated temporarily.
Mainstream steel plants purchased VN alloys in advance
Last week, the bidding prices of VN alloy in Nanjing Steel, Shaoguan Steel and ZENITH were priced at 154,000 Yuan/ton by acceptance. The unified prices of the three steel plants will become the reference prices for other steel plants to enter the site for purchase in the short term. It is difficult for VN alloy manufacturers to bid against each other. It is expected that the price of VN alloy will be stable in recent two days, and the future market changes will be closely related to the price fluctuation of V2O5 flake. Judging from the shortage of raw materials and the strong demand of downstream, the price of VN alloy is basically stable. If the demand stimulates the increase of inquiry, or the transaction price of V2O5 flake is high again and the VN manufacturers are worried about the rising price of raw materials in the future, it is expected that VN manufacturers will continue to be firm in price, so there is still room for price improvement.