Vanadium Market Is Running Smoothly, And Operation Needs To Be Cautious The vanadium market has been operating steadily recently with little volatility. At present, the main focus of the vanadium market is still the bidding of steel mills. There are not many transactions in the retail market, and the market’s cautious attitude has increased, mostly focusing on maintaining stability and waiting.

Major manufacturers began to sign orders and deliver goods one after another, with good downstream acceptance. The retail V2O5 flake transaction price is 131,000-133,000 yuan/ton in cash, and the mainstream transaction is about 132,000 yuan/ton in cash. Inquiries have weakened, and high-priced transactions are less frequent. Many manufacturers said that they would purchase at the right price, and temporarily wait and see if the price was not appropriate. The price change of ammonium metavanadate is small, and the mainstream market transaction is 123,000-125,000 yuan/ton in cash, making it more difficult to purchase low-level resources.

This week, the bid price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is around 198,000-200,000 yuan/ton by acceptance. The cost of raw materials is high, and the manufacturer’s quotation remains strong, with 196,000-198,000 yuan/ton in cash. The demand for ferrovanadium is general, and the transaction is 143,000-145,000 yuan/ton in cash. Alloy traders said that in recent days, they have mostly conducted small amounts of back-to-back operations.