Vanadium Market is Stable at The Beginning of This Week, Expecting More Transactions At the beginning of the week, vanadium market maintains the trend of last Friday, factories are in a wait-and-see state, most offer prices have not changed. At present, the offer of ammonium metavanadate is about CNY 115,000/t, and the actual transaction price is weak. The offer of ammonium metavanadate is about CNY 100,000/t without tax, and some factories have higher costs and are unwilling to sell. The three major vanadium pentoxide flake plants and Liaoning hongjing sell goods at CNY 120,000/t, while the cash price of retailing market is CNY 115,000/t or so and the purchase price of traders is CNY 112,000/t or so. The ferrovanadium market maintains last week’s offer of CNY 135,000-135,000/t. The production price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy factories is CNY 190,000/t by acceptance and CNY 187,000/t by cash. The inquiry price in retailing market is only about CNY 180,000/t.

At present, the market is temporarily stable, but there is no obvious positive upward trend in the market. Raw materials flow to terminal alloy plants. The international market is still in a weak downward trend. We suggest that enterprises preparing for purchasing still need to be cautious.