Vanadium Market Is Stable This Week This week, the prices of vanadium products are firm and stable. Although the retail investors of V2O5 flake and alloy manufacturers intend to raise their prices, the actual transaction price is more stable than that of last week, but the overall adjustment is not large, and the transaction with high price is less. The price of metallurgical ammonium metavanadate increased to 79000-80000 yuan/ ton by cash, and the price of chemical grade increased to 84000-85000 yuan/ ton. Starting from Wednesday, large V2O5 flake factories began to sign orders for shipment. According to the feedback from downstream alloy factories, large V2O5 flake factories signed less, so some alloy plants only purchased 1-2 vehicles. Retail investors’ reluctance to sell continued to rise, and the quotation rose to 84500-85000 yuan/ton by cash, and a small amount of V2O5 flake was actually sold at 84000-84500 yuan / ton by cash. Some alloy factories were optimistic about the future market and purchased V2O5 flake with a high price.
The transaction of VN alloy is stable, and the quotation is higher. Some manufacturers offer at 132000-133000 yuan / ton by cash, and the actual transaction price is 130000-131000 yuan / ton by cash. It is difficult for traders to purchase at a low price, and the procurement slows down. The ferrovanadium market is stable. Traders offer at 90000-91000 yuan / ton, and the manufacturers’ offer slightly increased to 91000-92000 yuan / ton. The number of high-level transactions is limited and the mainstream transaction price is 90000-91000 yuan/ton by cash with tax.