Vanadium Market Is Still In A Stalemate, Focus On Pricing Of Large Factories Today’s quotations of vanadium products are as follows: ammonium metavanadate 98%: 77000-78000 yuan / ton; V2O5 flake: 82000-83000 yuan / ton; FeV50: 89000-90000 yuan / ton; VN alloy: 125000-126000 yuan / ton, all of which are by cash including tax.
At present, the domestic vanadium market as a whole is in a stalemate and wait-and-see situation. Although the raw material end has the intention to support the price, the downstream alloy plants pay attention to the bidding trend and wait for the latest pricing of large V2O5 flake plants, so they are more cautious in purchasing. There are few quotations from the raw material market, which is showing a sign that it is difficult to purchase the spot goods with the price of 80000 yuan / ton. However, some downstream alloy factories have declared that they will not consider to buy if the price is higher than 79000 yuan / ton by cash with tax for the time being. Although the tender price of VN alloy slightly higher than that of last week, the transaction price is not optimistic. Therefore, the high-price V2O5 flake should be purchased cautiously to reduce the transaction pressure of VN alloy in the later stage. The actual transaction price of retail V2O5 flake is stuck at 78000-80000 yuan / ton including tax by cash.
The transaction of ammonium metavanadate is rare, some manufacturers do not sell at a low price, and the inquiries of VN alloy manufacturers and chemical enterprises have increased. The actual transaction price is 76000-77000 yuan / ton by cash with tax. Some chemical enterprises pay more attention to the trend of vanadium price and adjust the purchase plan appropriately.
In the aspect of alloy, in recent two days, the tender price of VN alloy is 123000-125000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, and the transaction price is slightly higher at 123000-125000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, manufacturers stop production and heat preservation increase, on the one hand, alloy plants don’t purchase retail V2O5 flake with high price, waiting for the prices of large vanadium flake factories; on the other hand, they think that the current production and supply of vanadium products are stable, and it is expected that the price will not increase a lot in the short term, so they operate cautiously. Some enterprises who are still in production also said that if the large V2O5 flake factories delayed pricing, their own stocks were exhausted, and the price of retail raw materials were still on the high side, they were ready to stop production and wait and see. The tender price of ferrovanadium is slightly stable. The manufacturers see that the quotation of raw material goes up, and the transaction price of ferrovanadium rises slightly. The actual transaction price is 87000-88000 yuan / ton by cash with tax. Some traders slow down their purchasing and keep a wait-and-see state.