Vanadium Market Keeps Quiet At The End Of The Month, Waiting For The Release Of Demand After The National Day By the end of the month, vanadium market was relatively quiet. Most of the procurement before the festival has been completed, and the market trend was stable. Looking back in April, vanadium prices showed a trend of falling first and then rising. Although the prices of V2O5 flake and alloy fluctuate, the price of V2O5 flake plant remains unchanged at 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance. Ferrovanadium, vanadium nitrogen alloy were in a loss cost situation at most of the time. Until the end of the month.

At present, the supply of V2O5 flake in bulk market is scarce, because large factories still have stocks. The trading price of V2O5 flake in bulk market cannot exceed the price of large factories. At present, bulk cargo transactions are between 94000-94500 yuan / ton. The market price of FEV is 98000-101000 yuan / ton. Jinzhou region offers relatively high prices, mainly to maintain orders from old customers. Pangang quoted price of 99000-100000 yuan / ton by cash in bulk market. At present, vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers offer 143500-145000 yuan / ton by cash. The trader offers 142000-142500 yuan/ ton by cash. The price of mainstream transactions in the market is mainly 143000-144000 yuan / ton by cash, which is temporarily difficult to be concluded at high prices.

The purchase of steel plants before The National Day has basically ended, but some steel plants are still waiting for admission after the festival. It is expected that there will be some bidding procurement after the holiday, but the price will not fluctuate greatly compared with that before the holiday. In terms of demand, with the good control of the epidemic situation, internal consumption demand will continue to be released. However, the export of steel and indirect steel products is still limited. It is expected that the demand will be stable and positive, with a slight boost. The vanadium market can keep firm in May.