Vanadium Market Maintains Stable Operation At present, the domestic vanadium market is running smoothly, the transaction of raw materials is slightly deadlocked in the situation of “no deals with high prices and no sales with low prices”. The price of alloy is firm, and the low-price supply is less.
In terms of raw materials, last week, large V2O5 flake manufacturers signed for shipment smoothly, and the downstream alloy factories received orders. This week, although the inquiries of alloy factories for V2O5 flake have not decreased, the acceptance of high-price V2O5 flake is still limited. The  intended purchasing price of most VN alloy manufacturers should not be higher than 95000 yuan / ton by cash. Some V2O5 flake traders offer at 96000 yuan / ton, which is difficult to deal. The mainstream transaction price is still around 94500-95000 yuan / ton. The transaction of ammonium metavanadate is still stable. The transaction price of metallurgical grade ammonium metavanadate 98% is about 90000-91000 yuan / ton by cash, while that of chemical grade is slightly higher than 2000 yuan / ton.
In terms of alloys, VN alloy manufacturers offer firm prices, generally offering cash of 148000-150000 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction price maintained at 146000-147000 yuan / ton. It is difficult for traders to purchase at low prices, with small operation space. The bidding of steel plants is imminent, most manufacturers are in a wait-and-see state. The quotation of ferrovanadium manufacturers is 102000-104000 yuan / ton, the cost is high, thus manufacturers keep high quotation. The transactions of retail market are rare, and the actual transaction price is about 101000 yuan / ton by cash with tax.