Vanadium Market Price Down, People‘S’mentality Is Different raw material price in vanadium market decreased slightly, and the transaction price is in cash of 107,000 CNY/Ton or so. Currently, V2O5 downstream is more hesitant to purchase at hihg prices, and low market supply increased a little, but the transaction is general. Ammonium metavanadate market is light, and the market supply is not much; the metallurgical transaction price temporarily maintained in cash of 101,000-102,000 CNY/Ton. A small number of manufacturers have not started work, waiting for the weather warming.

Inquiry goods enthusiasm is not high in alloy market, and most manufacturers offer of VN alloy is still relatively strong, but the high price is not easy to deal, and a small number of manufacturers shipping prices are slightly lower, so the current market mentality is different.