Vanadium Market Price is Chaotic and Ferroniobium Market Remains Quiet

Date: Apr 09, 2019 Recently, the vanadium market has been gradually active, and the frequency of inquiring, purchasing, storage and supplying have increased. However, the market  is still chaotic, and the prices of most ferrovanadium, vanadium-nitrogen alloy factories are firm. The offer of ferrovanadium factories stick to CNY 190,000-200,000, the actual transaction price is about CNY 180,000/t, while the offer of vanadium-nitrogen alloy factories also adhere to the CNY 250,000/t. However, the overall purchase volume of is not large after all, therefore, a small number of low-priced transactions have also appeared. Steel bidding price is relatively stable, between CNY 240,000/t and CNY 250,000/t, and the retailing transaction price is less than CNY 230,000/t, so the overall performance of the current vanadium market is still relatively chaotic, buyers and sellers are more hesitate.

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