Vanadium Market Price Is Stable And Weak Last week, the mainstream transaction price of V2O5 flake was 96000 yuan / ton with tax by acceptance or 94500 yuan / ton by cash. Large factories reached many transactions and the bulk market transactions are also active. Last Friday, the V2O5 flake inquiry in alloy factories decreased rapidly. This week, the price of V2O5 flake in bulk market was reduced to 93500-94000 yuan / ton, down 500-1000 yuan / ton compared with last week. The VN alloy manufacturers quoted 145000-146000 yuan / ton by cash, and the ferrovanadium quoted 101000-102000 yuan / ton by cash, which was stable compared with last week. At present, most of the alloy plants mainly trade with steel mills.

After a small consolidation of vanadium prices last week, vanadium prices tend to be weak. At present, the downstream alloy plants have sufficient raw materials. In the middle of the month, steel plants occasionally purchase. Traders have little profit space with few trades. It is expected that vanadium market will be light trading this week, with little price fluctuation.