Vanadium Market Price Keeps Declining and Vanadium Enterprises Continue to Wait and See Vanadium market price has been declining continuously, and the prices of all kinds of vanadium products are everywhere. Last week, the price of vanadium alloy steel fell daily, the market price of vanadium raw materials was very chaotic, the mainstream price of vanadium pentoxide flake was not adjusted, and the cash price of retailing goods was around CNY 115,000/t including tax. Up to now, the steel bidding price of vanadium-nitrogen alloys is CNY 178,000/t, and that of ferrovanadium is CNY 114,000/t, all of which are acceptance tax-containing prices.

In the face of the declining vanadium price, vanadium enterprises are more willing to take a wait-and-see stance. Downstream alloy plants are cautious in purchasing. In the short run, vanadium market will continue to weaken.