Vanadium Market Price Remains Strong Last night, the price of 150 tons of vanadium nitrogen alloy in Anhui Yangtze River was 147,000 yuan / ton. Today, the market continues to wait and see the final price of Laigang. After this price is offered, the centralized steel bidding will basically come to an end in December. Yesterday, Kungang’s price was 147,500-147,700 yuan / ton by cash, and Shougang Changzhi’s price was 148,000 yuan / ton by acceptance. During this round of steel bidding, the vanadium plants keeping their price firm led to the bulk market price rise. Trading volume of vanadium nitrogen alloy reached 145,000-146,000 yuan / ton yesterday.

In terms of raw materials, it is difficult to raise the price of V2O5 flake in the market for the time being, and the highest price accepted by the purchasers is still around 95,000 yuan / ton. With the price of VN alloy rising slightly, it is expected that the acceptance price of bulk V2O5 flake by manufacturers will have a small upward space. The reason why the VN alloy plants keep the price firm is that to adapt to the raw material price of 100,000 yuan / ton of the large vanadium plants, that is to say, the price of the vanadium nitrogen alloy is more than 150,000 yuan / ton.