Vanadium Market Remains Deadlocked After the pricing of large factories, the phenomenon of low quotation of raw materials and bulk cargo has slightly decreased, but the confidence in the later market is still not high. The spot transaction of downstream alloy market is not good, and the inquiry price of traders is low. The supply of vanadium products, whether raw materials or alloys, is still slightly surplus for the total demand, although the terminal demand has improved recently compared with July to August, it is not enough to offset the supply increase.
At present, the price quoted by V2O5 flake is 97500-98500 yuan/ton by cash, and the intended purchasing price of alloy plants is between 95000 yuan / ton and 96000 yuan / ton, however, there is no spot quotation at this price. At present, Tranvic and Desheng still have some stocks. It needs a lot of consumption in the downstream to clear the inventory. However, it is very difficult for vanadium alloy factories to sign a large number of orders. The manufacturers without long-term agreement are just purchasing V2O5 flake in the bulk market with a price of 97000 yuan / ton by cash. The vanadium alloy is still unstable at present. The follow-up market mainly depends on how to consume raw materials, convert raw materials into alloys, and how to be absorbed and consumed by steel plants.
At present, the transaction of ferrovanadium market is quiet. Up to now, the transaction price of FeV50 has dropped slightly to 101000-102000 yuan / ton by cash. This price is the purchasing price of some small steel plants, and the purchasing price of traders is only about 100000 yuan / ton. At present, the quotation of retail market is 102000-103000 yuan / ton by cash, which is difficult to deal with.
At present, the low price quoted by VN alloy manufacturers is 152000 yuan / ton by cash, and the transaction price of direct supply to steel plant is between 152000 yuan / ton and 153000 yuan / ton by cash. However, the highest price accepted by traders for inquiry and purchase is only 150000 yuan / ton by cash. According to some small factories and traders, the spot price of 151000 yuan / ton by cash is not easy to sell in recent two days, and the confidence in the later market is insufficient. There is no actual transaction in the high price of VN alloy. If the VN alloy plant in order to prevent the low transaction price of retail raw materials, relying on a large number of procurement, so as to stop the decline of raw material end, it will take on the heavy burden of strengthening the future market. Under the current market situation, this operation risk is relatively high. It is suggested to observe the consumption of retail raw materials. The actual output of retail goods and small factories is not enough to support the production of alloy manufacturers. After the consumption of bulk goods, the price of raw materials will stop falling automatically. In this process, the vanadium alloy end should be carefully to quote for sale.