www.ferroalloynet.com:Up to now, the price range of vanadium market quotation and transaction has been widened, which also shows that manufacturers and traders have different attitudes towards the later market. Some of the carriers who are not optimistic about the later market, so the quotation is slightly reduced. The mainstream manufacturers strive to support the price, and the low price is not available. On the whole, the mainstream transaction fluctuation of the market is not big, and the actual trading volume is not much, so the overall situation is still stable.

In recent two days, a small number of steel mills have purchased ferrovanadium and VN alloy at high prices. Among them, the purchase price of VN alloy in Xinjiang Bagang is 171000 yuan / ton by acceptance, and the purchase price of Shougang Changzhi ferrovanadium is 108970 yuan / ton. Compared with the actual transaction price in the current market, the prices are at high level. However, a small amount of bidding is difficult to pull the market, and the carriers will also consider the payment method and other factors causing high price. The spot price of ferrovanadium is still at 104500-105000 yuan / ton, and the acceptance price of manufacturers is mainly 106000 yuan / ton. The bulk VN alloy is slightly weaker at about 163500-164000 yuan / ton. The manufacturer insists on the quotation of no less than 165000 yuan / ton by cash. It is expected that vanadium later market will move forward in a stalemate, and the steel mills will purchase more intensively next week.