Vanadium Market Stalemate Is Stable, Demand Is Less present, there is deadlocked and stable invanadium market. The mainstream transaction price of VN alloy is about 160,000 CNY/Ton in cash. The supply of low-price goods in the market is gradually reduced, and the demand is general. The transaction of ferrovanadium market is less, and the offer is in cash 114,000 to 115,000 CNY/Ton, but the actual transaction is less. Alloy factory doesn’t want to purchase and ship goods. The peopel in upstream and downstream market are watching the market, and the two sides come into the game state.

Retail manufacturers of raw material V2O5 flake Cherish goods strongly, and the shipment offer is in cash about 107,000 CNY/Ton; nearly two days, the retail piece  mainstream transaction price in vanadium market is about 106,500 CNY/Ton in cash, but transaction is not much, so alloy factory is more hesitant and cautious for procurement  at higher price.