Vanadium Market Strong Mentality Has Been Shaken Recently, vanadium products began to offer. At present, the offer is still at a high level to test the market, but the purchase is rare and the transaction is difficult.

Up to now, the quotation of V2O5 flakes in bulk market is still in the range of 100000-101000 tons, but the purchasers have been quite cautious about this price of raw materials. At present, most of the purchasers offer around 98000 yuan / ton by cash, and some of the non start-up ferrovanadium and VN alloy manufacturers start to sell the stock raw materials. In terms of downstream alloys, the current market transaction price of FeV is around 105000 yuan / ton by cash, but the demand is also significantly weakened. The market price of VN alloy is between 156000-157000 yuan / ton by cash. Recently, bulk shipments have increased.

According to the VN alloy plants, there are still new production reduction and maintenance enterprises in the downstream steel plants recently. It is suggested that the bulk market should be operated carefully, and the raw materials purchased by manufacturers should be based on rigid demand.