Vanadium Market Transactions Deadlocked, More Wait-and-see The overall demand of vanadium market is less, and underconfidence. The market quotation of VN alloy is 158,000 to 160,000 CNY/Ton, but the actual transaction is deadlocked at about 158,000 CNY/Tonin cash. The market demand is general, and the inquiry is less, and the buyer strongly forece prices down.  Supported by cost, low – price shipments is less. The buyer and seller are deadlocked

Raw material prices fell slightly, retail transaction price of V2O5 flake maintained  105,500-106,000 CNY/Tonin cash; manufacturers are reluctant to sell out, s it is hard to find low price supply. The price of ferrovanadium has not changed much, and some manufacturers still have low-priced vanadium inventory, so the transaction price is 112,000 to 114,000 CNY/Ton in cash, and the actual transaction price is skewed to low.