www.ferroalloynet.com: At present, the transaction price of some products is close to a high range from a low level, and it is difficult to break through at a high level. The market price of ordinary metallurgical grade ammonium metavanadate is still around CNY 125,000/t, and the bulk price is CNY 126,000/t. The chemical grade is slightly higher. The inquiry and transaction price of the V2O5 flake bulk price also remained at around CNY 127,000/t, and the high quotation decreased. The spot price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy market is 196,000 yuan/ton, and the signing price of futures is about CNY 195,000/t by cash. The strength of actively pushing up prices is weakened.

According to the manufacturers, they are mainly striving for stability, and try not to purchase high-priced raw materials in order to avoid pushing up the market price. Manufacturers are also selling with rational quotation. It is expected that the market will maintain stable operation for a period of time.