Vanadium Market Weakness Situation Improved Up to now, domestic vanadium market weakness has improved. Low price bulk shipments decreased, and most manufacturers’ quotations were firm. Although the bidding price of steel mills has slipped slightly compared with that of last week, it is difficult to keep the price down in the future. In terms of inquiry, the downstream alloy plants slightly increased the inquiry of V2O5 flake raw materials, while the supply of bulk products decreased compared with that of last week. According to the current offer, the downstream acceptance willingness of large factories is relatively low. Therefore, alloy factories inquire more about bulk goods. However, in the case of limited supply, it is expected that the price of V2O5 flake in bulk market in the future will stop falling or the quotation will have a slight correction. According to the manufacturers’ response, most of the vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers quoted more than 145000 yuan / ton, but the current price of 144000 yuan / ton appeared last week was hard to find. According to the manufacturers’ response, most of the small steel mills inquired about the vanadium nitrogen alloy found 145000 yuan / ton, which was not much different from the open bidding price of 147000 yuan / ton.

Considering the logistics factors, the bidding for steel mills will be gradually launched from this week, and the upstream and downstream factories of vanadium market are looking forward to goods preparation before the festival to boost the market. As far as the current market changes are concerned, the possibility of further downward pressure of steel bidding price will be reduced when the demand for goods increases and the willingness to ship goods decreases. It is expected that the subsequent steel bidding price will be mainly stable or may slightly rise.