www.ferroalloynet.com:In recent days, the domestic vanadium market is slack. Although some products want to keep the  price firm, the supply and the demand are relatively slack. Therefore, the market maintains a stable trend and the overall transaction heat is not high. Under the condition of stable supply, the fluctuation in the later market must be driven by demand. The  demand will only be released in a short time during the bidding in late-July.

V2O5 flake, as one of the products with a firm price, is offered at about 106000 yuan / ton from small and medium-sized manufacturers, but few transactions are concluded. The bulk market products can be tansacted at the quotation of 105500 yuan / ton, which is difficult to break through. The price of metallurgical grade vanadium powder is slightly lower, which is about 94000-95000 yuan / ton, and the market price of ammonium metavanadate is between 98000-99000 yuan / ton. A small amount of chemical grade raw materials are sold at a high price.

The ferrovanadium market is short of rising support and remains stable in the short term. The market quotation is between 105000-106000 yuan / ton. it is more difficult to trade at a high price, as well as the traders to break through the cash price of 106000 yuan / ton. The operation space is small for the factories. In the short term, the willingness of manufacturers to resume production is still not high.

At present, the low price of VN alloy market is 164500-165000 yuan / ton by cash, which is acceptable to some traders. But the quotation of steel mills directly supplied by manufacturers is as high as 169000-170000 yuan / ton by acceptance. From a small number of steel bidding, the purchase price of steel mills has not continued to break through under the firm price of manufacturers, and will be maintained in the short term. However, it can stabilize the market and keep relatively reasonable in the weak demand season. From this we can also see that the determination of manufacturers to jointly support prices has a greater impact on the market.