Vanadium Miners News For The Month Of May 2019


  • Vanadium spot prices were lower again in May.
  • Vanadium market news – California flips switch on first grid-connected (vanadium redox) flow battery.
  • Vanadium company news – AMG announces approval to expand its spent catalyst recycling capacity, and Bushveld buys the Vanchem Plant.
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Welcome to Vanadium miners news. May saw vanadium prices continue to fall, and now look oversold. On a more positive note California has followed China’s lead installing a commercial scale vanadium redox flow battery. It was a busy month for the vanadium miners with several deals (a vanadium purchase, a vanadium expansion, DFS, JV, MOU, and a Scoping Study announced).

Vanadium uses

Vanadium is traditionally used to harden steel. New Chinese rebar standards are requiring more vanadium. Also Vanadium Flow Batteries [VRFBs] are becoming increasingly popular especially for commercial energy storage, most notably in China. Vanadium Pentoxide [V2O5] is used in VRFBs and Ferrovanadium [FeV] is used in the steel industry.

Vanadium spot price history

China Vanadium Pentoxide [V2O5] Flake 98{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} Price = USD 8.40/lb

China Ferrovanadium [FeV] 80{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} Price = USD 39.00/kg

Vanadium demand versus supply

The charts below show energy storage to be a new source of vanadium demand, and overall demand looks likely to grow very strongly to 2025.

Roskill estimates that vanadium demand “for VRFB markets” could rise to 31,000 tons by 2025, amounting to a rise of 3,100{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} in a decade.

Source: Australian Vanadium presentation

Vanadium total demand forecast to outstrip supply 2019-2025

Source: Technology Metals Australia investor presentation & TTP Squared

Vanadium market news

In 2017 Robert Friedland stated:

We think there’s a revolution coming in vanadium redox flow batteries,” he says. “You’ll have to get into the mining business and produce ultra-pure vanadium electrolyte for those batteries on a massive scale. We’re very deeply interested in how you store electrical energy in the grid. The beauty of the vanadium redox battery is that you can charge and discharge it at the same time, something that can’t be done with a lithium battery. With a vanadium redox flow battery, you can put solar power and wind power into the battery, and you can put excess grid power into the battery at night, and at the same time you can have a stable output into the grid.

A good April 11 report from Banyan Hill reported:

Clean energy storage demand is surging 1,445{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d}!….With a global push to harness energy from environmentally friendly and unlimited sources like wind and solar, demand for these storage systems are set to skyrocket over the next several years. And as a result, the battery storage industry is at the cusp of a major rally. This industry was valued at about $11 billion in 2018. But by 2030 that number is expected to explode to $170 billion. That’s annual growth of 25.6{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d}, and total growth of 1,445{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d}! One of the big ones in China is also set to be the world’s largest vanadium-powered battery system. These vanadium battery systems are preferred due to their ability to last over a decade with little to no decrease in performance.

Note: The above includes lithium-ion battery, VRFB, and other battery energy storage.

A story I missed from April 15 by Green Car Reports reported:

Nano Flowcell Quantino covers 218,000 miles on flow batteries. The cars use flow batterieswith unspecified active chemical ingredientsthat Quant says are safer and have better “environmental compatibility” than fuel cells or conventional lithium batteries……Popular types of flow batteries include lithium-sulfur, sulfur-hydroxide, hydrogen-bromine, iron-chromium, zinc-bromine, and vanadium…..Flow batteries have not been widely suggested for cars, because, although the tanks can store quite a bit of energy, the cells themselves put out relatively little power, so it takes a lot of them to develop sufficient output to power a car. Flow batteries have been more successfully used in large, stationary applications.

Nano Flowcell Quantino


On May 6 GovTech reported:

California flips switch on first grid-connected flow battery……The SDG&E (San Diego Gas & Electric) flow battery storage system will provide 2 megawatts and 8 megawatt-hours of energy, enough to power about 1,000 homes for up to four hours…..SDG&E is working in coordination with Sumitomo Electric of Japan on the pilot program that uses what is called “vanadium redox” battery systems that may last longer and suffer less degradation than other types of batteries, such as lithium-ion.

California’s first grid-connected [VRFB] flow battery


Vanadium miner news

Vanadium producers

Glencore [LSX:GLEN] [HK:805] (OTC:OTCPK:GLCNF)

Glencore is a large vanadium producer, but vanadium production represents only a small portion of their revenue.

No vanadium related news for the month.

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV [NA:AMG] [GR:ADG] (OTCPK:AMVMF)

AMG Vanadium is a leading provider of products and services for the metals, manufacturing, refinery and petrochemical industries. AMG Vanadium produces ferrovanadium and related ferroalloys from spent refinery catalysts using a proprietary pyrometallurgical process.

On May 1, AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV announced: “AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. reports first quarter 2019 results.” Highlights include:

  • “Revenue increased by 12{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} to $346.5 million in the first quarter 2019 from $308.4 million in the first quarter 2018.
  • EBITDA(2) was $50.4 million in the first quarter 2019, a 13{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} increase over the same period in 2018.
  • Annualized return on capital employed continued at a high level of 28.3{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} in the first quarter 2019, as compared to 28.4{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} in the first quarter 2018.
  • AMG ended the first quarter of 2019 with net debt of $14.6 million, an increase of $15.0 million versus prior year-end 2018.”

On May 1 AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV announced:

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. presents update on long-term financial goals……Based on the growth opportunities that exist throughout AMG’s portfolio, including AMG Vanadium’s spent catalyst recycling expansion in Cambridge, Ohio, AMG Mineração’s Lithium project in Brazil and the creation of AMG’s new segment, AMG Technologies, AMG expects to deliver an EBITDA level of $350 million, or more, in 5 years, or less.

On May 21, AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group NV announced:

AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. announces approval to expand its spent catalyst recycling capacity. AMG Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. is pleased to announce that its Supervisory Board has approved a capital project to double its spent catalyst recycling capacity by building a new, greenfield plant in the operational vicinity of its current spent catalyst processing plant in Cambridge Ohio.

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

Bushveld Minerals Limited [LN- AIM:BMN] (OTC:BSHVF)

Bushveld is a diversified AIM-listed resources company with a portfolio of vanadium, tin and coal assets in Southern Africa and Madagascar. Bushveld Minerals 100{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} owns Bushveld Vametco Limited which has a controlling interest of 75{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} in an existing low-cost production platform, Vametco Alloys, with ~3.5{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} of global market share.

On May 1, Bushveld Minerals announced:

Bushveld Minerals Limited. Conditional Business Purchase Agreement signed with Duferco for the acquisition of the Vanchem Plant, SAJV Business and Ivanti Shares.

  • (NYSE:I) the vanadium production business of VVP as a going concern (“Vanchem Plant”);
  • (II) the ferrovanadium production business of SAJV as a going concern (“SAJV Business”); and
  • (NASDAQ:III) 100 per cent of the outstanding shares of Ivanti Resources [PTY] Limited (“Ivanti”), a subsidiary of Duferco Participations Holding S.A, which has economic rights to certain secondary vanadium units treated within the Vanchem Plant,

as one indivisible transaction, for an aggregate cash consideration of US$68 million (the “Consideration”), which is to be settled in two stages. The Vanchem Plant and SAJV Business are hereinafter jointly referred to as the Vanchem Business (“Vanchem Business”).”

On May 15, Bushveld Minerals announced: “Bushveld Minerals Limited end Q1 on a very strong note.” Highlights include:

  • “Vametco’s production for Q1 2019 was 649 mtV in the form of NitrovanTMfrom magnetite concentrate, which was consistent with Q4 2018 (Q4 2018: 657 mtV).
  • Vametco production guidance of 2,800 mtV to 2,900 mtV is expected for the 2019 calendar year, supported by improved operating performance, representing a 9 to 13 per cent increase relative to 2018 production (2018: 2,560 mtV).
  • Unit production cost of US$18.90/KgV to US$19.50KgV is expected for the 2019 calendar year, underpinned by economies of scale. This represents a two to four per cent reduction relative to 2018 unit cost (2018: US$19.70/kgV).
  • Production volumes are expected to be skewed towards the second half of the year, due to a 24 day planned maintenance programme during the months of June and July.”

On May 22, Bushveld Minerals announced: “Vametco inferred & indicated Mineral Resource and Ore Reserve update.” Highlights include:

  • Ore Reserves have more than doubled to 279,100 tonnes V2O5 in magnetite (previously 137,152 tonnes V2O5 in magnetite), notwithstanding production of approximately 5,700 metric tonnes of vanadium (between October 2017 and March 2019) while the grade has increased by 3 per cent to 2.02 per cent V2O5 (previously 1.96 per cent V2O5).
  • Indicated Resources have increased by 187 percent to 965,900 tonnes of V2O5 in magnetite (previously 336,604 tonnes V2O5 in magnetite).

On May 23, Bushveld Minerals announced: “Final results for the period ended 31 December 2018.” Highlights include:

Bushveld Minerals

  • “Raised our effective underlying interest in Vametco from 59.1 per cent to 74.0 per cent in September 2018.
  • Raised over US$20 m in an equity placing at 10.3 pence per share from experienced mining and UK institutional investors.
  • The best performing FTSE-AIM Materials stock.”

Bushveld Vanadium

  • “Vametco delivered a solid financial performance in 2018, underpinned by a strong vanadium price environment.”

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

Energy Fuels Inc. [TSX:EFR] (UUUU)

Energy Fuels state they are “the No. 1 uranium producer in the U.S. with a market-leading portfolio.” Regarding vanadium the company state they have “32M lbs M&I vanadium resources at La Sal & Whirlwind Mines (1{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} avg. grade).” In 2013 the company produced 1.5M lbs of V2O5, and resumed vanadium production.

On May 8, Energy Fuels Inc. announced: “Energy Fuels announces Q1-2019 results.” Highlights include:

  • “At March 31, 2019, the Company had $47.3 million of working capital, including $15.3 million in cash, $17.5 million in marketable securities, 470,000 pounds of finished uranium goods inventory, and 270,000 pounds of finished vanadium goods inventory.
  • The Company successfully achieved commercial rates of vanadium production at the Company’s White Mesa Mill (the “Mill”), producing the highest purity vanadium in the Mill’s history. Vanadium production totaled 325,000 pounds of V2O5 for the quarter, and the Company expects to continue to produce 160,000 to 200,000 pounds of V2O5 per month over a 16-20 month period, subject to continued successful recovery and suitable sales prices.
  • The Company completed 53,000 pounds of vanadium sales into the steel industry during the quarter, following conversion of the Company’s V2O5product into ferrovanadium.
  • The Company continued a limited conventional vanadium test-mining program at its La Sal Complex. As of March 31, 2019, the Company had mined approximately 6,000 tons of mineralized material with an average grade of 1.44{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} V2O5 and 0.17{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} U3O8.”

Largo Resources [TSX:LGO] [GR:LR81] (OTCQX:LGORF)

Largo Resources is a pure-play vanadium pentoxide producer from their Maracás Menchen mine in Brazil. The company state: “The Maracás Menchen mine possesses the world’s highest grade vanadium deposit – P&P reserve grade of 1.17{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} V2O5 is over double the industry average. On track to be one of the lowest cost producers of vanadium, and a 6 year take or pay off-take agreement with Glencore for 100{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} of production.

On May 14, Largo Resources announced: “Largo Resources reports first quarter 2019 results.” Highlights include:

  • “Cash balance of $190.7 million exiting Q1 2019.
  • Production of 2,099 tonnes (4.6 million pounds4) of V2O5; Kiln refractory replacement completed ahead of schedule.
  • Record global V2O5 recovery rate of 80{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} vs. 75.6{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} in Q1 2018.
  • Cash operating costs excluding royalties of $4.54 (US$3.41) per pound V2O5.
  • Revenues of $44.3 million in Q1 2019 (after the impact of the remeasurement of trade receivables of $57.1 million on revenues of $101.4 million).
  • Net loss of $2.2 million in Q1 2019.
  • New resource estimate for Novo Amparo Norte expected late Q2 2019.”

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

Ferro Alloy Resources [LON:FAR]

On April 30, Ferro-Alloy Resources announced: “Final results for the year ended 31 December 2018.” Highlights include:


  • “Established vanadium producer focused on expanding and developing the Balasausqandiq Vanadium Project.
  • Operations located at the Balasausqandiq site with two main business activities: the Balasausqandiq Vanadium Project (the “Project”), with a Net Present Value (“NPV”) of US$2 billion (10{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} discount at a long-term vanadium pentoxide price of $7.50/lb) and a reserve of over 70 million tonnes estimated on the locally required basis, of which ore-body number one (of five) has estimated reserves on a JORC basis of 23 million tonnes; and an existing profitable vanadium concentrate processing operation adapted from the former pilot plant (the “Existing Operation”).”

Vanadium developers


Neometals is primarily a lithium producer however they 100{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} own the Barrambie Titanium Vanadium Iron Project in Western Australia. Barrambie’s Eastern Band is one of the highest grade hard rock titanium deposits globally.

On April 30, Neometals announced: “Quarterly activities report for the quarter ended 31 March 2019.” Highlights include:

  • “Update to Barrambie primary vanadium salt roast leach DFS substantially complete.
  • Continued advancement of Barrambie permitting, metallurgical test‐work and market development to exploit titanium and iron as well as the vanadium resource.”

On May 22, Neometals announced: “DFS results for Barrambie vanadium production and commencement of titanium pilot program.” Highlights include:

  • “Neometals confirms primary production of vanadium pentoxide and ferrovanadium from vanadium-rich Central Bands to be technically feasible and economically viable.
  • Revised DFS focused on vanadium production only (primarily from Central Bands). Next step to determine how to extract value from titanium which represents ~95{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} of contained Barrambie resource metal.
  • Commenced staged pilot-scale evaluation of conventional hydrometallurgical flowsheets to recover titanium and vanadium from the titanium-rich Eastern Band.
  • Pilot to provide data to upgrade the accuracy of 2015 PFS to DFS standard and determine optimal flowsheet to process ‘whole of deposit’ before commencing a FEED Study.
  • A Canadian NI43-101 Technical Report is nearing completion as a capstone document for ongoing offtake, partner and financing discussions.”

DFS highlights for Barrambie vanadium (excludes the value from titanium which represents ~95{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} of contained Barrambie resource metal)


You can view the latest investor presentation here, or “An Update On Neometals”, or my recent article – “Neometals Managing Director Chris Reed Gives A Brief Update With Matt Bohlsen Of Trend Investing.”

Australian Vanadium [ASX:AVL] [GR:JT71] (OTC:ATVVF)

Australian Vanadium is an emerging vanadium producer focused on their Australian Vanadium Project in Western Australia.

On May 13, Australian Vanadium announced: “AVL signs Joint Venture with Ultra Power Systems on Coates Vanadium Project.” Highlights include:

  • “Joint Venture Agreement signed with vertically integrated electrochemical processing and energy storage technology company Ultra Power Systems Ltd [UPS] to evaluate AVL’s Coates Vanadium Project.
  • UPS aims to produce vanadium electrolyte using a combination of a unique processing route and high-density vanadium electrolyte production.
  • AVL has signed a JV to create value for shareholders by; monetising a secondary asset and; testing processing technology focused on enhancing the uptake of vanadium redox flow batteries in Australia.
  • Agreement allows for AVL to receive either $500,000 or equivalent shares in UPS.”

Catalysts include:

  • December 2019 – DFS due

You can view the latest investor presentation here, or read “Australian Vanadium Managing Director Vincent Algar Talks With Matt Bohlsen Of Trend Investing.”

Technology Metals Australia [ASX:TMT]

The company’s primary exploration focus is on the 100{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} owned Gabanintha Vanadium Project located 40km south east of Meekatharra in the mid-west region of Western Australia.

On April 29, Technology Metals Australia announced: “Quarterly activities report & appendix 5b for the quarter ending 31 March 2019.” Highlights include:

  • “Gabanintha Vanadium Project resource upgrade delivers a 39{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} increase to the Northern Block measured and indicated mineral resource estimate of 30.1Mt at 0.9{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} V2O5 (June 2018 PFS had a 13 year mine life on 21.6Mt indicated resource).
  • Global high grade mineral resource estimate increased to an outstanding 71.2Mt at 1.1{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} V2O5 within a high quality global resource of 131Mt at 0.9{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} V2O5.
  • High quality Definitive Feasibility Study on the Gabanintha Vanadium Project; a large, long life, low cost development opportunity, on schedule for completion in mid 2019.
  • As at the end of March 2019 the Company had cash of $4.94 million and as at 26 April 2019 the Top 20 shareholders held 43.82{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} of the fully paid ordinary shares.”

On May 22, Technology Metals Australia announced: “MOU with CNMC [Ningxia] Orient Group Co., Ltd.” Highlights include:

  • “Non-binding memorandum of understanding (“mou”) executed with CNMC Ningxia Orient Group Company Ltd (“cnmnc”).
  • CNMC’s special materials division produces ferro vanadium [FEV] and vanadium nitrogen alloys [VN] for use in the Chinese steel industry.
  • MOU establishes the framework for a binding V2O5 offtake agreement (“agreement”) to be finalised in the coming months.
  • Key agreement parameters defined in the MOU include minimum offtake volumes, pricing structure and term of agreement (refer page 2).
  • Detailed high-quality definitive feasibility study based on production of high purity V2O5 on track for delivery in mid 2019.”

Catalysts include:

  • Mid 2019 – Resource upgrade
  • Mid 2019 – DFS due

You can view the latest investor presentation here, or read “Technology Metals Australia Execetive Director Ian Prentice Talks With Matt Bohlsen Of Trend Investing.”


TNG is an Australian resources company focused on the evaluation and development of its Mount Peake Vanadium-Titanium-Iron project. The Mount Peake Project is located 235km north-northwest of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. TNG Ltd is well advanced with a massive $4.7b NPV8{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d}, but relies on titanium and iron with a lower grade vanadium by-product.

On April 30, TNG Ltd. announced:

March 2019 quarterly activities report. Mount Peake advancing on multiple fronts. FEED process progressing with optimisation and equipment selection testwork, and design,underway. EIS for Darwin Processing Plant advanced. Titanium Pigment Offtake Agreement advanced. Funding process advanced. Board changes.

On May 8, TNG Ltd. announced:

Patent coverage for TNG’s proprietary TIVAN® process for extraction of vanadium extended to Vietnam.

On May 9, TNG Ltd. announced: “TNG engages McMahon services to progress non-process infrastructure works program for the Mount Peake Project.”

You can view the latest investor video presentations here.

Aura Energy [ASX:AEE] [GR:VU1] (OTC:AUEEF)

Aura Energy is an Australian-based minerals company that 100{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} owns polymetallic and uranium projects with large resources in Sweden (Häggån Project) and Mauritania (Tiris project). Aura’s focus is on the Häggån Project, located in Sweden’s Alum Shale Province, one of the largest depositories of vanadium in the world.

On April 30 Aura Energy announced:

March quarterly report 30th April 2019. Häggån Vanadium Project drilling continued throughout the Nordic winter with the program more than 80{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} complete by the end of the quarter.

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

Prophecy Development Corp. [TSX:PCY] (OTCQX:PRPCF) (NYSEARCA:PCY)

Prophecy Development Corp. is a Canadian public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Prophecy’s objective is to advance the Gibellini Black Shale primary vanadium project in the Battle Mountain region in northeastern Nevada to production. Gibellini aims to be the first active primary vanadium mine in North America.

On May 1, Prophecy Development Corp. announced:

Prophecy outlines mining permit and proposed construction schedule at Gibellini Vanadium Project in Nevada.

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

Tando Resources [ASX:TNO]

Tando Resources is a junior exploration company established with the purpose of exploring and developing gold zinc, lead, copper and other mineral opportunities. Tando signed a HoA to acquire 74{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} of a globally significant vanadium project, the SPD Project, in Gauteng Province, South Africa.

On April 30, Tando Resources announced: “Quarterly activities report March 2019.” Highlights include:

  • “Mineral Resource Update to 612Mt at a grade of 0.78{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} V2O5. Resource includes high grade, surface component the largest published globally (169 Mt at 1.07{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} V2O5). Significant portion classified as Indicated and improved delineation of high grade zones compared with Inferred resource as a result of Tando’s drilling. High grade surface zones the focus as Tando fast tracks its near-term low capex production opportunity based on simple beneficiation. Scoping Study in the final stages of completion.
  • Metallurgical testwork deliver excellent results. Produces high quality concentrate grading 2.2{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} V2O5. Results consistent with previous laboratory Davis Tube tests.

On May 2, Tando Resources announced: “Scoping Study highlights strong Phase 1 at SPD Project.”

Scoping Study highlights

On May 13, Tando Resources announced:

With robust Scoping Study completed Tando now fully funded to advance key offtake agreements. Vanadium sales contracts will in turn pave way for project level funding, enabling Tando to establish Phase 1 project with low capital cost and short lead time to production.

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

King River Resources [ASX:KRR] (formerly King River Copper)

King River holds 785 square kilometres of mineral leases covering a unique geological feature in the Eastern Kimberley of Western Australia, called the Speewah Dome. The company state on their website: “The focus of King River Copper Limited is the exploration for Gold, Silver and Copper.” However their deposits also contain vanadium.

On May 9, King River Resources announced:

High purity alumina assaying 99.99{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} Al2O3 (4N HPA) produced from sulphuric acid leach solutions. King River Resources Limited is pleased to provide this update on metallurgical precipitation testwork from the company’s 100{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} owned Speewah Specialty Metals (“SSM”) Project in the East Kimberley of Western Australia. KRR is investigating both vat leach of lump material and agitated tank leach of concentrates using sulphuric acid. Scoping level capex and opex costings have supported the agitated tank concentrate leach option as the preferred process route to produce vanadium pentoxide [V2O5], titanium dioxide [TiO2] and iron oxide [Fe2O3] products (refer KRR ASX releases 21 and 22 March and 2 April 2019). In addition, KRR has targeted other high value specialty commodities such as high purity alumina (“HPA”), magnesium oxide and vanadyl sulphate. A Prefeasibility Study [PFS] is underway and is examining several process routes to extract these commodities.

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

VanadiumCorp Resource Inc. [TSXV:VRB][GR:NWN] (OTCPK:APAFF)

VanadiumCorp Resources Inc. 100{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} owns the Lac Dore Vanadium-Iron-Titanium project in Quebec Canada. The company also has another smaller project known as the Iron-T Vanadium Project also in Quebec, and royalties on the Raglan Nickel-PGM mine. The company is looking to take a vertically integrated approach and is also developing leading process technologies ‘VanadiumCorp-Electrochem Processing Technology’ and “Electrochem globally patented Electrowinning” technology.

On May 23, VanadiumCorp Resources Inc. announced:

Ultra Power Systems PTY Ltd executes second payment according to the patent options agreement for the VanadiumCorp-Electrochem processing technology in Australia.

Note: See also Australian Vanadium announcement.

You can view the latest investor presentation here.

First Vanadium Corp.[TSXV:FVAN] (FVANF) (formerly Cornerstone Metals Inc.)

Cornerstone’s Carlin Vanadium project hosts one of North America’s largest richest primary vanadium deposits, located in Nevada. Its West Jerome project targets a large scale high grade copper and zinc deposit in Arizona. Carlin has a historic Inferred Resource 28Mt at 0.525{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d} V2O5 (2010 SRK).

No significant news for the month.

Investors can read the latest company presentation here.

Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp. (OTCQX:WSTRF)

Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp. own the Sunday Mine Complex which is an advanced stage mine property consisting of five interconnected underground mines in Colorado, USA.

On May 14, 2019 Western Uranium & Vanadium announced:

Western Uranium & Vanadium’s Sunday Mine Complex vanadium project update. Western Uranium & Vanadium Corp. updates the status of the Sunday Mine Complex (the “SMC”) Vanadium Project (the “Project”). Funding for the Project was completed in April and Project planning has been ongoing. The SMC is comprised of five individual permitted and developed mines in Western Colorado. Western now has assembled the personnel and resources to open the Sunday Mine Complex…..The focus of the current Project is to define the high-grade vanadium deposit. Underground drilling, in addition to bulk sampling, will be used to determine the vanadium resource. Historically, the SMC yielded a 6-to-1 vanadium-to-uranium ratio.

Investors can read the latest company presentation here.

Graphite miners with potential vanadium projects

  • Syrah Resources [ASX:SYR] (OTC:OTCPK:SYAAF) (OTC:SRHYY)
  • Triton Minerals [ASX:TON] [GR:1TG]
  • Battery Minerals [ASX:BAT]
  • NextSource Materials [TSX:NEXT]

Other vanadium juniors

  • Cellcube Energy Storage [TSXV:CUBE] (STNUF) (formerly Stina Resources)
  • Golden Deeps [ASX:GED]
  • Sabre Resources [ASX:SBR]
  • Trigon Metals Inc. [TSXV:TM] (OTC:PNTZF)
  • Venus Metals [ASX:VMC]
  • Intermin Resources [ASX:IRC]
  • Vanadium One Energy Corp. [TSXV:VONE] [GR:9VR1] (OTC:VDMRF)
  • New Energy Minerals [ASX: NXE] (formerly Mustang Resources)
  • Maxtech Ventures [CSE:MVT]
  • Pursuit Minerals [ASX:PUR]
  • Victory Metals [TSXV:VMX]
  • BlackRock Metals (Private)

VRFB Companies

  • Protean Energy [ASX:POW] [GR:SHE1]

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Vanadium spot prices were lower again in May.

Highlights for the month include:

  • Clean Energy storage is forecast to grow from $11 billion in 2018 to $170 billion by 2030. That’s annual growth of 25.6{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d}, and total growth of 1,445{3a701354f219a57e7e7d46a505b70225e975b940de2dd07556e20488ab77339d}.
  • California flips switch on first grid-connected (vanadium redox) flow battery.
  • Nano Flowcell Quantino covers 218,000 miles on flow batteries.
  • AMG announces approval to expand its spent catalyst recycling capacity.
  • Bushveld buys the Vanchem Plant, SAJV Business and Ivanti Shares. Bushveld Ore Reserves have more than doubled to 279,100 tonnes V2O5 in magnetite.
  • Energy Fuels achieved commercial rates of vanadium production at the Company’s White Mesa Mill.
  • Neometals DFS results for Barrambie vanadium.
  • AVL signs Joint Venture with Ultra Power Systems on Coates Vanadium Project.
  • Technology Metals Australia signs MOU with CNMC [Ningxia] Orient Group Co., Ltd.
  • Tando Resources releases their Scoping Study with a low CapEx of just US$18.8-20m.

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