Vanadium Nitrogen Alloy Fell In Weakness, Ferrovanadium In Stable Operation the beginning of the week, vanadium nitrogen alloy decreased slightly in weakness, with the actual transaction at about 162,000-164,000 CNY/ton by acceptance, while the quotation price was mostly about 162,000-163,000 CNY/ton by cash. At the beginning of the month, the overall steel bidding price was stable with weakness, and the procurement volume was small. In addition, the price of bulk flake V2O5 was still 107,000 CNY/ton by cash, with the cost of vanadium nitrogen alloy at about 162,000 CNY/ton by cash. Vanadium nitrogen manufacturers continued to produce under pressure. Except for rigid demand, they maintained a wait-and-see mood towards raw materials and were cautious in procurement. Some manufacturers are still delivering earlier orders, so they are not willing to quote and are unwilling to accept orders at low prices.

There are few transactions in ferrovanadium market recently, with the actual transaction price at about 118,000-119,000 CNY/ton by acceptance; However, when the cold wave hit, there was heavy snow in Jinzhou district, and some factories said they had suspended production; As ferrovanadium production is mostly indoors, the overall production is not affected temporarily. In snowy weather, the transportation was blocked, and some manufacturers suspended their quotation to wait and see the market trend and were reluctant to sell at a low price.