Vanadium-nitrogen Alloy Manufacturers Have Struggled To Raise Their Prices Due To The Price Forced Down By Steel Mills Yesterday, the final purchase price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy in Shaoguan was CNY 183,000/t by acceptance, with the purchase volume of 80 tons. After two rounds of quotations, steel mills send inquires for CNY 180,000/t. Although one or two vanadium enterprises are willing to supply 20 tons, most manufacturers have refused, and the fine price has been adjusted to CNY 183,000/t. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers have struggled to raise their prices since they have a strategic partnership with steel mills.

This week, the price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy has declined rapidly, the purchase price of steel mills edges down every day. The quotations in bulk market keeps declining, and the trading has slowed down. Some traders have abundant stocks of 60-100 tons of vanadium-nitrogen alloy, with few transactions. The price of alloy has also declined. At present, the transaction price of bulk V2O5 flake is CNY 120,000/t, which is still slightly higher.

As far as we know, the V2O5 flake with the acceptance price of CNY 130,000/t is still being sold, and the vanadium prices keep falling. There is no doubt that the alloy factories are producing at a loss.