Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy Price Increased Slightly and The Supply of Raw Materials Was Relatively Tight Recently, the prices of upstream and downstream products are varies. The spot supply of ammonium metavanadate and V2O5 flake is relatively tight, the quotations are high. The spot of metallurgical V2O5 powder is not much, and the transaction price is about CNY 125,000/t. While that of chemical V2O5 powder has not increased obviously, and the market price of 98% chemical V2O5 powder is about CNY 140,000/t. The market demand for ferrovanadium is weak, the profit of ferrovanadium plants is small, and the tax-inclusive price is about CNY 124,000/t by cash. In recent days, the spot volume of vanadium-nitrogen alloy has also shrunk and its spot price has also risen slightly to about CNY 186,000/t by cash, while the futures price is slightly lower. The spot quotation of manufacturers ranges from CNY 186,000/t to CNY 189,000/t.

Although the price of some vanadium products is difficult to increase, there is no possibility of a fall in the short term. The vanadium market is expected to have a slight increase before the end of the month.