Vanadium Plant Offers Less At the beginning of the week, most of the VN alloy manufacturers said they would not offer price temporarily and hold wait-and-see stance for the trend of steel bidding. Some manufacturers offer the tax-inclusive price of VN alloy is 140,000-144,000 yuan / ton by cash, V2O5 flake is 95,000-96,000 yuan / ton, and ferrovanadium is100,000-101,000 Yuan/ton. The transactions in the bulk market are slack. The downstream alloy plants are active about the inquiry for V2O5 flake, and their intended purchase price is 93,000-94,000 yuan / ton. It’s hard to deal with high-priced vanadium. When the steel plants press the price, the tax-inclusive price of VN alloy is 143,000-145,000 yuan / ton by acceptance, which makes the VN manufacturer continue to hang upside down production, and the supply enthusiasm is not high.

This week, Laigang started bidding for VN alloy and ferrovanadium. The quotation will close on Tuesday, and the steel bidding price is expected to be released on Wednesday. The main market pays more attention to the bidding of large steel plants. On the one hand, it is to observe whether the vanadium price will be up or down. On the other hand, it is to wait and see whether the prices will be adjusted by the three large vanadium plants in December.