Vanadium Price Changes Little And There Is A Game Between Upstream And Downstream

www, market activity is general, and the overall price change is not big, so more and more people in the market hold a wait-and-see attitude. VN alloy steel acceptance price is 167,000 CNY/TON, and manufacturers offer less, and there is lack of confidence in the market. The buyer and seller are in a state of stalemated game, on the one hand, because of the difficulty of raw material procurement at a low price, the V2O5 flake retail market quotation is 110,000-111,500 CNY/TON in cash, and there is not much transaction.

On the other hand, retail V2O5 flake alloy market transaction price is low. VN alloy traders quoted 166,000-167,000 CNY/TON in cash, and said the deal is not easy. ferrovanadium  market changes are small, and the offer is 116,000-120,000 CNY/TON in cash, it’s difficult to make a deal at a high price.