Vanadium Price Decreased Slightly At the end of the month, the bidding in vanadium market was not as good as expected. Some steel mills intended to postpone the bidding and wait to see the market change after the festival. In the middle of the week, the bidding price of VN alloy of Anhui Changjiang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. was 150000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, and the bidding price of some small steel plants is also around 150000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, which is 5000 yuan / ton lower than that of last week.
Due to the increase of retail V2O5 flake shipment this week, the early period is tight, but now the supply exceeds the demand, therefore, the downstream alloy factories try to lower the purchasing price, and the quotation of V2O5 flake is gradually reduced. Today, the quotation has been reduced to 94000-96000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, and a small amount of deals were traded with low prices. As the transaction of retail VN alloy is not smooth, the intended purchasing price of traders is adjusted to 143000-144000 yuan / ton by cash with tax. The alloy factories are unwilling to produce after calculating the cost. The intention of low price shipment is not high. Some traders quote 145000-146000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, which is relatively reluctant to sell, and the transaction is not much.
The ferrovanadium market is in a stalemate, and the manufacturer’s quotation has not been lowered. It is generally in the range of 100000-102000 yuan / ton by cash with tax. It is difficult for the downstream users to accept high prices, and there are few transactions. Although some ferrovanadium traders are interested in shipping, the quotation is about 100000 yuan / ton by cash, so it is still difficult to make a deal.
Looking at the market of ammonium metavanadate, this week, the transaction price of ammonium metavanadate is about 90000 yuan / ton by cash with tax. As the manufacturers have no spot goods at the moment, it is difficult to quote, so some spot prices refer to the price of V2O5 flake. Overall, there are not many transactions.