Vanadium price forecasts for next week (November 12-16, 2018)

Date: Nov 9, 2018 This week, vanadium prices have slight fluctuation. The large-scale companies quote V205 flake at 510000 rmb/ton by acceptance or 500000 rmb/ton by cash, both including tax. Ammonium metavanadate prices stand at 390000-400000 rmb/ton without tax or 460000-470000 rmb/ton with tax. Under great pressure from upstream, some ferrovanadium factories suspend production and the purchasing prices of steel mills sit at 470000-480000 rmb/ton by acceptance with tax. Vanadium-nitrogen bidding prices sit at 750000-780000 rmb/ton by acceptance with tax. The bidding prices of ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen are reduced slightly, compared with last week. However, vanadium prices remain high. Some steel mills are exhausting the inventories, smaal-sized steel mill rectify and reform the process, and the demand for vanaidum-nitrogen hasn’t be decreased. FerroAlloyNet predicts that vanadium prices may continue to stabilize at highs or fluctuate within a small range next week.

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