Vanadium price is in stalemate status in the short time present, the overall performance of the vanadium market is in a firm and weak state. In the middle of the month with weak demand, there are few transactions of bulk orders at the end of alloy end, and there are not many market inquiries. However, some manufacturers delivery orders, and manufacturers with a small amount of inventory are mainly have a strong market mentality. The VN alloy manufacturers jointly support the price to face the slack demand period in the middle of the month.

V2O5 flake bulk market supply is still not much. With some manufacturers’ inquiries, the transactions of 105500 yuan / ton by cash are slightly increased compared with the previous days, and the spot cargo holders are not willing to offer the price of 105000 yuan / ton. The overall fluctuation is not big, with stable and firm atmosphere. The metallurgical direction of ammonium metavanadate market is relatively strong, and the chemical direction is still weak. The willingness of VN alloy plants to purchase ammonium metavanadate is slightly adjusted from the low level of 98000 yuan / ton to 99000-100000 yuan / ton.

At present, the ferrovanadium market is waiting for transactions as the slack inquiries. With no room for the price to fall, manufacturers can only hold wai-and-see attitude. The market quotation is kept at 103000-104000 yuan / ton by cash. Plenty of small and medium-sized manufacturers stopped production and there was no opportunity to resume production. As waiting for the slow consumption of bulk goods, the short-term operation of manufacturers is under pressure.

At present, the bidding price of VN alloy market is 167000-169000 yuan / ton by acceptance and about 166000 yuan / ton by cash. The manufacturer’s quotation is also between 165000 -168000 yuan / ton by cash. Low price supply and steel bidding high price coexist. It can be seen that the manufacturers who jointly support the price are not affected by the low price source, and can still make a relatively strong price. During the period of slack demand in the middle of the month, they also stick to the vanadium price. At the critical stage, it is expected that manufacturers will not hesitate in supporting the market. Although the price rising space is limited, it is expected to remain firm.